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AOL emailing service is one of the oldest emailing service and has been used several users. Each users have the high reliance on this emailing service as this emailing interface has contains so many stunning features and functions that ease out their work in the appropriate manner. Although the service of the emailing platform has been sprawled in the different origins and other locations, yet it is not essential that each user contains same goal to connect to this emailing service. As per personal and professional deviation, each user is not comfortable to utilize each application as it should be. In case you are feeling big hurdle to execute the most desired and deserved functions, then you need to take expert’s advice of our AOL Tech Support Phone Number. AOL Mail Provides asafe and secure email experience for millions of people around the world.

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The Common AOL Mail Problems

  • Admin panel of the AOl email account is not working.
  • AOL Email account has been hacked.
  • Getting error in AOL Mail Login
  • Getting your AOL Mail down
  • You are not able to find folder and file in this emailing account.
  • You are not able to reset password.
  • Unable to access AOL Mail Account.
  • Account is not accessible even though you are filling right credential detail.
  • Unable to receive emails in AOL Mail inbox, AoL Mail Settings, Technical, installation, Mobile email, and more.
  • Unable to atached file in AOL Mail.
  • Instant messaging is not working in the proper manner.
  • Sending and receiving of emailing taking maximum time from its expected time.
  • Lots of junk mail in your emailing account.
  • You are getting some problem to login and logout attempt.

AOL Mail have the following features:

  • AOL Mail attachment limit is 25 MB
  • AOL Mail Maximum mailbox size is 1,000 new messages, 4,000 old messages and 4,000 sent messages per contact. Maximum 250 GB limit if all messages have 25 MB attachments
  • AOL Mail Supported protocols are POP3, SMTP, IMAP
  • You Can Link AOL Mail to other email accounts from other service providers such as Gmail and Outlook etc.
  • AOL Mail is Fully Spam protected
  • AOL Mail is Fully Virus protected
  • AOL Mail Account is Secure and Private
  • In-built Spell checking
  • AOL Mail Fully Support - SSL/HTTPS after login
  • Deactivation - If an AOL Mail account is inactive for 90 days, it may become deactivated, at which point any emails sent to it may not be delivered and may be returned to sender. After 180 days of inactivity, the account may get deleted.

How to fix AOL Mail server settings issues?

If you are encountering the problems with your AOL Mail then one main reason of such issues might be the wrong AOL Mail server settings. The following AOL Mail Settings help you to overcome the AOL Mail problems

  • incoming mail server: or
  • Incoming port no.: 993
  • Outgoing mail server: or
  • Outgoing port no.: 465
  • Encrypted connection for both: SSL

Why to contact our AOL Mail Support team?

If your contacts are getting emails you didn't send or your sent folder is full of messages you didn't send, or you're missing folders, it could be a sign that your account has been compromised or hacked.
If you are unable to resolve such or any other AOL Mail problem then you need our AOL Mail Technical Support. Our AOL Mail technical support numbers are available at 24/7 hours to help the users. Our technicians are always online and comprised of well trained and professional individuals with desired qualification and experience. All our technicians are well trained and tested for delivering the finest customer service to its customers. We provide best informative solutions to the users about their AOL issues to make the support best.

How to Contact the AOL Mail Technical Support?

You are just a call away from resolving your encountered AOL Mail issues and Our AOL Customer Service helpline number are available and you can get in touch instantly. Our customer service executives are available 24 X 7.

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